Seller FAQs:

It has never been as easy! Simply click on the ‘Sell’ button and follow the onscreen instructions to start posting.

For more details refer to our Seller Guide.

After submitting your post, Vend will need to verify your listing before it goes live. The process is quick and takes a maximum of 2 working hours.

The sky is your limit! There are no restrictions to the number of listings per seller, however posting the same item twice to increase chances of sale is prohibited.

Your money will be transferred directly to the bank account you provide us with. Kindly add your IBAN in the Seller Profile settings. Payments are usually made 24 hours after the buyer receives their item (may be subject to delays due to circumstances such as bank operating hours).

Prohibited Items Guidelines: 

  • – Services
  • – Flammables
  • – Illegal Items 
  • – Live Animals
  • – Food & Beverages
  • – Gold coins / Nuggets
  • – Tobacco and Alcohol 
  • – Medication, Pharmaceuticals  and Tablets
  • – Used underwear / undergarments
  • – Items That Promote or Support Hate Groups 
  • – Beauty Products (including Toiletries, Cosmetics & Perfumes)

Sellers are expected to have the item ready to be picked up as soon as it is sold. There’s no need to pack your item, Vend takes care of it.

The general rule is to price your used item fairly. Here are some tips to get that done:

  • – For used items, consider the original retail price you purchased it for
  • – Consider the age, amount of usage and the damage (both physical and functional flaws) that the product has
  • – Based on that determine a fair price for your item
  • – If you’re still not sure do some quick research:
    • – Browse other similar items on and see what they are selling for
    • – Alternatively, do a Google search on how much similar items are selling for on other platforms
    • – For electronics (i.e., phones and laptops) check out online websites that help you price your item ( is a good example)

Tip: If your item hasn’t sold for a while, consider lowering the price or enabling the ‘Make an offer’ feature to get insights on what buyers are willing to pay.

Also, consider your goals for selling this item. If your goal is to just pass on the product (financial gain isn’t a priority), then set your price below market value (or post it for free) for a quick sale and to make someone happy!

We accept the following image formats: PNG, JPG, JPE, and JPEG.

For used items, please include only actual photos of the product you are selling and not stock images to ensure accuracy and avoid potential buyer disputes.

Buyer FAQs:

We accept the following payment methods: 

Credit card, debit card, benefit pay, and cash upon delivery.

After making a purchase, Vend will be contacting you for a drop-off window. Once we match your schedule with the seller’s you will be receiving an estimated time of arrival (ETA). Get it within a maximum of 3 days of buying it, it’s that simple.

Buy with confidence, if the item does not match the description, buyers can request a full refund within 24 hours of receiving it (please note that we require photo evidence). After the day has passed, all sales are final.

Check out our User Protection Policy for more details.

As Vend is an ecommerce marketplace with products from various individual sellers, some orders require our drivers to make more than one product pick-up. When you purchase multiple items from the same seller, you are charged for delivery only once. However, when you buy multiple items from different sellers, you are charged delivery for each seller.

For example, if you buy products from two different sellers you are charged for delivery twice as it requires our drivers to make two different pick-ups.

However, if you buy two or more products from the same seller you are charged for delivery only once as it requires our driver to make only one pick-up.

With large items (such as furniture), shipping costs vary depending on various factors. These include:

  • – The dimensions/size of the product
  • – The need for assembly/disassembly (mainly applicable to furniture)
  • – The need for extra labor to assist the delivery driver in moving the item
  • – The need for a truck to handle the delivery or a regular car

Based on these factors, we determine the delivery price for larger items sold through Vend’s platform.

General FAQs:

New items: The item is brand new, unused, unopened and undamaged (including handmade items). The item includes original packaging and/or tags (if applicable).

Used items: These items are pre-owned and have been previously used. Used items may or may not include the original packaging. Refer below for detailed descriptions of each used condition.

  • – Like new: The item is lightly used (only used a couple of times), has no cosmetic defects and is fully functional (no functional flaws). These items are in perfect working condition with no flaws.
  • – Good: The item is gently used, has minor cosmetic flaws (i.e. a couple of light superficial scratches) and is fully functional (no functional flaws). These items remain in good working condition but have some minor flaws.
  • – Fair: The item is used, has multiple cosmetic flaws, and may have some functional flaws (but is overall functional). These items remain in fair working condition but have multiple flaws.
  • – Poor: The item is heavily used, has major cosmetic and/or functional flaws and obvious signs of wear and tear. These items may have some functionality issues (i.e. broken screen in the case of an electronic).

If you’re a frequent Vend user (on mobile or tablet) you can add Vend to your home screen for easy access. Here’s how:

Safari browser (for iPhone and iPad):

  • – On Safari, when you are on the Vend homepage click the ‘Share’ icon located on the bottom center of the Safari menu (on iPhone) or top right of the Safari menu (on iPad)
  • – Scroll down until you see ‘Add to Home Screen’ and select it
  • – You now have Vend on your iPhone or iPad’s home screen for quick and easy access!

Chrome browser (for any Android device):

  • – On the Google Chrome browser, when you are on the Vend homepage, click the ‘Menu’ icon (3 dots on top of each other) located in the top right-hand corner of the browser
  • – Then click on ‘Add to Home screen’
  • – You now have Vend on your mobile or tablet device’s home screen for quick and easy access!

Samsung Internet browser (for Samsung users):

  • – On Samsung Internet, when you are on the Vend homepage, click the Samsung Internet ‘Menu’ icon (3 lines on top of each other) located on the bottom right of the browser menu
  • – Then click ‘Add page to’ and then select ‘Home screen’
  • – You now have Vend on your Samsung’s home screen for quick and easy access!