Start selling online in 3 simple steps

Sell (almost) anything. New or used, including fashion, electronics, toys, and much more! To start, simply click the ‘Sell’ button.

Step 1: Snap a photo of your item

  • Take good photos from all angles, the more the better. Sellers can post up to 8 photos.
  • All items listed should include photos that accurately represent what you’re trying to sell. If your item has any flaws or defects, make sure to include photos of them as well.
  • Use a plain background for your photos and make sure that they are clear and well-lit.

Tip: Cleaning the item will make it more appealing to buyers.

Tip: For used items, please include actual photos and not stock images.


Step 2: Describe your item in detail

  • Describe the item accurately. Include everything such as: condition, flaws, color, size, and brand. A detailed description of an item can increase the chances of it selling.
  • The description must match the product. Failing to include a flaw or providing a mismatched description violates our User Protection Policy and may lead to a return/refund. 


Step 3: Set your price

  • Set a fair price. Use our simple pricing model and enter the ‘you earn’ price while Vend takes care of the rest.
  • Willing to accept below your asking price? Enable the ‘Make an Offer’ function and receive offers from buyers. Specify the lowest price you would be willing to sell for. Offers from buyers are valid for only 24 hours, so respond within the timeframe to secure your sale (view your offers from your Seller Profile).

Tip: Check out our FAQs for more tips on how to fairly price your item

Vend handles the rest

Made a sale? Sit back and relax, because Vend handles the rest!

  • Pick up and delivery: We will be contacting you shortly to confirm your pickup address and timeframe. Ordered items are typically picked up within 48 hours after being sold (update your address from your Seller Profile).
  • Direct payments into your bank account: Vend handles all payments. Expect the full amount to be deposited into your account within 24 hours* of the buyer receiving the item. All we need is a valid bank account (update your bank details from your Seller Profile). 
  • Customer service and after-sales support: Vend’s customer service team is here to support all users to enable a hassle-free selling experience! Need help? Contact Vend customer support and we’ll gladly assist you!

*Please note that bank transfers may be subject to slight delays due to circumstances such as bank closing times and public holidays. 

Editing or removing your post

  • Is your item no longer available for sale? You can easily delete your listing through your Seller Profile.
  • Missed a detail while posting your item? Access your post and edit it through your Seller Profile

Tip: Make sure to update your items frequently to avoid being flagged.

Product Conditions Guide

Please refer to the descriptions below for more details on each type of condition:

New items: The item is brand new, unused, unopened and undamaged (including handmade items). The item includes original packaging and/or tags (if applicable).

Used items: These items are pre-owned and have been previously used. Used items may or may not include original packaging. Refer below for detailed descriptions of each used condition.

  • Like new: The item is lightly used (only used a couple of times), has no cosmetic defects and is fully functional (no functional flaws). These items are in perfect working condition with no flaws.
  • Good: The item is gently used, has minor cosmetic flaws (i.e. a couple of light superficial scratches) and is fully functional (no functional flaws). These items remain in good working condition but have some minor flaws.
  • Fair: The item is used, has multiple cosmetic flaws, and may have some functional flaws (but is overall functional). These items remain in a fair working condition but have multiple flaws.
  • Poor: The item is heavily used, has major cosmetic and/or functional flaws and obvious signs of wear and tear. These items may have some functionality issues (i.e. broken screen in the case of an electronic).

Prohibited items Guidelines

Live animals

Tobacco and alcohol

Medication, pharmaceuticals and tablets

Food and beverages (perishable and non-perishable)



Gold coins/nuggets

Illegal items

Used underwear

Items that promote or support hate groups

Beauty products (including toiletries, cosmetics and perfumes)

Prohibited Conduct Guidelines

Sellers are prohibited to list items more than once to increase chances of sale.

Messages with hate speech, harassment, or any other inappropriate behavior is prohibited.

Spamming is prohibited.

Using the chat feature for soliciting and advertising is prohibited.

The exchange of any sort of personal information is prohibited. 

Using the chat feature for purposes other than specified under the terms and conditions is prohibited. 

Anything that goes against our terms and conditions is prohibited.