User Protection Policy

Inspections to ensure products are described accurately

Vend aims to be a safe, secure, and productive marketplace for both buyers and sellers in Bahrain. We strive to ensure that all products displayed on Vend’s website are described and presented accurately to protect all users of our website. When an item is sold via the Vend platform, our team inspects the item upon pick up to ensure that it accurately matches the description as advertised on the platform*. Items that are sold via the Vend platform that do not match the description violate our User Protection Policy and may be subject to cancellations or returns.

Requesting a refund

Shop with confidence, if the item does not match the description on the website, buyers are entitled to a full refund. After your purchase has been delivered to you, feel free to contact Vend customer support within 24 hours to request a refund while providing photo evidence.  Please note that the Vend management will thoroughly review the case, and if the dispute is approved, we ensure to process your refund request within a maximum of 2 business days.

Received your item as described? Great! Click the ‘Release payment’ button in the email receipt or on your Orders page to release the payment to the seller. Kindly note that if Vend does not receive a refund request or the ‘release payment’ button is not clicked within 24 hours of product delivery, all sales are considered final.

Seller cancellations

Has your item been bought but is no longer available for sale? Contact Vend customer support to cancel your order prior to product pick up. Kindly note that cancellations are subject to some fees. Check out our Terms and Conditions for more details.

*Products are cross-checked against the description provided on the website (including the condition chosen), images provided on the website and any communications between the buyer and seller through Vend’s secure built-in chat feature. Please note that we thoroughly check for the accuracy of products against the description but we do not authenticate brands.